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How To Achieve The Look You Want At Your Wedding

Your engaged and sitting on sites like Pinterest and The Knot trying to plan every little detail of your wedding from the cake topper to the specialty drinks. (Well who wouldn’t be!) There are so many details to plan over the little or long amount of time you have until your big day. That’s why we’re here to help you get that gorgeous wedding you always dreamed about ever since you started that one special Pinterest board. You know the one I’m talking about, because we all have them. Weddings, One Day <3, Dream Wedding, and who can’t forget: My Big Day !

The Reception Ballroom

First things first: you know you have to look at that Ballroom from every angle to make sure that it is the absolute perfect place to host your big day and make all of your little girl one-day-when-I-get-married dreams come true! Plus, you have to see what it will look like from your guests point of view. Here’s a quick checklist of what to look at and what to ask about:

  1. The Head Table- make sure your wedding day throne of love is perfect!
  2. The Dance Floor- it better be gorgeous… and safe of course.
  3. The Ceilings- there should be chandeliers, crystal accents, fancy up-lighting, or even all three!
  4. The Windows- huge and open if you want tons of light, huge curtains if you don’t!
  5. The Flooring- whatever it is (Carpet, Wood, Marble), it should be neutral yet elegant.
  6. The Look- Every bride has her own vision- make sure you view plenty of pictures to make sure this room can handle yours! (Maybe the venue even has a fancy iPad to show you pictures of the room while touring)
  7. The Entertainment- keep them and all of the space their equipment will take up in mind- you don’t want anyone dining next to a speaker!

Your Wedding Details

Here comes the fun part! Once you decide on a color and possibly even a theme for your wedding, now you get to plan all of the little fun details. You can simply tie together the place cards, invitations, thank you cards, menu cards, ceremony cards, and every other card or paper detail by using the same colors and fonts. I know, duh! But you would be surprised how many Weddings have too many details when it comes to these things. Just remember to sit back, breathe, and simplify. Simple, clean cut lines with exciting combinations of colors is defiantly the new black. (Although we still love black in the details!) Also be sure to remember the bigger things, such as place card holders, the linen colors, cake design, table design, and even the napkin fold! In the end don’t settle for anything less than what you want! Your family and friends mean a lot and so do their opinions, but in the end this is your day, and they will always have theirs.

The Most Important Dress Of Your Life

OMG… who is that? Is exactly what you and your fellow wedding dress shoppers should be thinking when your goddess like body meets its perfect (wedding) dress! No matter what shape or size you are, you are beautiful, and you should most defiantly feel as beautiful as you look. Remember to think about how much time you’ll be spending in your dress, and that you have to be nice and comfortable in it so you can easily climb on your new husbands lap without hearing that dreaded rrrriiiiiiippppppp! But also remember you and your perfect dress are the center of the masterpiece you created in all of this wedding planning! From front to back to the tippity top- your photographers (if they’re doing their job!) will be getting a look at your gorgeous masterpiece from every angle!

Yes, there are a ton of details, we’re not going to lie. But take a step back, breathe, and watch an episode of your favorite show on TiVo! This can all be done quickly and efficiently when you put your mind to it. And we all know that’s exactly where it is! Plus, you have your wedding expert right at your fingertips with just an email or phone call away. (Or at least that’s how we operate!)