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5 DIY Wedding Favors For Any Season

So you’ve decided on all of the major pieces of your very own wedding day, and now its time for all of the FUN overwhelming details ! When picking your wedding party favors there’s usually a limit on a few things like money, time, and even supplies. Here are five easy, cheap, and even FUN Do It Yourself Wedding Favors for your big day- no matter what time of the year it may be in!

1. M&M’s, a Message, & a Mason Jar

A Jar full of candy with a cute message from the Newlyweds- perfect for guests of all ages ! You can include colorful ( and personalized if you want to go the extra mile ) M&M’s to go along with your color scheme, and a cute message like “Hugs & Kisses from The Mr. & Mrs. !” Or, you can personalize each one with a memory you ( the couple ) has had with that guest- How thoughtful of you!

2. Tasteful Teacups

A Vintage Teacup with a homemade candle inside, or even a cute little succulent- a great memoir of your wedding for your guests to take home to enjoy- or even to work! The hardest part is finding the teacups that you want and the rest is a breeze. Use this guide to making your own candle wax, and this one for everything you need to know about planting succulents- Remember to lay down newspaper to prevent a mess!

3. The Way To Win The Heart Of Lovebirds

Birdseed shaped into a heart with some classic ribbon and a short note- super simple and fun for everyone to enjoy, including your flying friends outside! For a step-by-step article click here. Not only is this a great DIY wedding favor but it can also act as cute little escort cards- write your guests name and table number and hang up during cocktail hour!

4. Cake In A Cup

Whether its a tasty bite of cake or pie, either will fit nice and snug in a cute little cup or even a jar! Decorate with simple ribbon with a note- or let your mouthwatering sweets be the center of attention! You can bake the bride and grooms favorite, or work with your bakery and get some of your wedding cake! Either way, who hates an itty bitty mini mouthful of dessert for the way home? I’m not sure I know who!

5. Classy Hangover Kit

Gatorade, an Eye Mask, Junk Food, Ibuprofen, what’s better for the morning after an all night long party celebrating your and your love?! Well, maybe one of the other four favors we’ve mentioned, but nothing will make your guests feel more refreshed and alive! Put a bunch of your favorite hangover helpers in a simple box, basket or bag and garnish with ribbon matching your wedding theme and viola!They’ve spent all night partying it up and drinking it down to celebrate with you, you owe it to them ( and their bodies ) !

So there you have it- 5 easy, quick, yet personable DIY Wedding Favors- now you’ll have to narrow down all of your options!

Have some great ideas of your own? Did you perfect any of these? Share your creations with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter !