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10 Wedding Planning Hacks to Save Tons of Time and Money!

We all know just how much Wedding Planning can put a damper on your Engagement Excitement, and honestly no one wants to see that!

With these easy 10 Wedding Planning Hacks, you’ll find yourself with more time, more money, and less stress. And hey… who doesn’t love more money to spend on the honeymoon!

Pre-Wedding Hacks

1. RSVP Invisible Ink

Track your RSVP’s without your guests even knowing! Forget ruining your invitations and stationary with plain numbers to remember who’s who- number or initial them with invisible ink for a modern and classy approach.

2. Utilize Groupon for Invites

You would be surprised by the gorgeous invites available on Groupon! Always be sure to check your for good deal’s on custom Save the Date’s, Invites, RSVP’s and more.

3. Custom Floor Plans

When getting ready to arrange your seating arrangements, check with your Wedding Venue for a custom floor plan of your event. Here at The Imperia, we use special software to scale of every ballroom, so you’ll know just how close your guests will be sitting next to each other!

4. Use Colored TabsColored Tabs for Wedding Seating Arrangements

Speaking of seating arrangements, use colored post-it tabs so you can visualize who’s sitting next to who.

5. WeddingHappy App

With the WeddingHappy App you can do it all in one place- budget your Wedding, set up reminders, countdowns, and more!

Wedding Day Hacks

6. Bug Repellent PerfumeBug Repellent Perfume perfect for outdoor weddings

Having an outdoor ceremony or reception? Just taking engagement photos in some awesomely picturesque field? Keep the pesky bugs away, but keep your loved one close with this bug repellent perfume!

7. Solemates

Whether you’re attending an Outdoor Wedding, or simply don’t know what type of event you’ll be attending, you can rely on Solemates to keep you upright and feeling confident!

8. Veil Weights

Use these stylish Veil Weights to keep that wandering veil in place. And why not try them out on some short Bridesmaid dresses too? The wind can’t win this battle!

9. Secret Tissue Bouquet

Uh oh, unexpected happy tears trying to ruin your makeup? Hide some tissues in your Wedding Bouquet !

10. Wedding Card Album

Wedding Card AlbumDon’t know what to do with all of those precious Wedding Cards? Just poke a hole in each one and string together with some ribbon for this cute album!

There you have it! You’re an unofficial Wedding Planner Pro! With these Wedding Hacks you’ll be ahead of the Wedding Planning Game.

Happy Wedding Planning!