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10 Place Cards For Your Spring Wedding- DIY

So- you’ve added a few guests you had forgotten about, removed the ones who can’t come, and your finalized guest list is complete! Now it’s time for yet another delightful detail- The Place Cards!

Whether it’s a classy feel you’re going for, or a extraordinarily detailed one, you’re bound to love one of these ideas fit for any Spring event!


These unique place cards are quick to make and impress! Great for any theme, choose your colors, write in your choice of font, and viola!

Instructions Here

Light Bulb Wonders

What a great way to recycle and decorate ! These light bulbs can be filled with the item of your choice from botanical gardens to tasty treats.

Instructions Here

Locks of Lavender

Grab your favorite flower/herb, tie a ribbon around it, and you have the most delightful place cards ever! Not only will they be pleasant to look at, but will create a great aroma during your reception!

Origami Flowers

These gorgeous origami flowers are completely made out of paper, which means completely customizable and low cost!

Instructions Here

Potted Plants

These potted plants are just lovely and engaging for guests of all ages! You can go simple with a traditional flower pot and succulent, or go all outwith custom flower pots and/or plant to match your theme! You can use ribbon and such to dress it up, paint the guest names on or use a little flag and you’re done!

Birds On A Clothes Line

Perfect for outdoor ceremonies / cocktail hours- string up some lace or ribbon, add delicate clothing pins, and pin colored / patterned cut outs of birds! Not only is it fun for your guests, but it makes a great photo as well!

Blinded By Love

Grab a bunch of cute sunglasses, make little pouches, and there you have it- Sunglasses as Place Cards! This is ideal for Spring / Summer Weddings, but is a lovable idea for any time of the year.

Feather Fun

Who doesn’t love feathers! Choose different colors, paint fun patterns, or douse in glitter and paint on your guest names. Hang all together and you have an adorable display.

Cupid’s Arrow

I mean… really… this has to be the cutest most delightful place card ever! Decorate the arrow of your choice to match your theme and give your guests a shot at love.

Roll Of Film

For all of the art lovers out there- use an old empty roll of film as your place cards- insert paper where film used to be and there you have it- quaint cards perfect for any theme and season!

Well there you have it- ten ideas for you to choose from!

Happy Place Card Making!

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